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Duolingo Dreams

This site is dangerous.

Last night I had a dream. I found myself in a strange and seemingly very old city. People were milling about on the streets and all of them were chatting in German. As I sat on a bench, several people, whom I did not recognize, came up to me and began to talk to me- in German. The conversations were not complicated (as my current skill tree in German should indicate) but none-the-less I responded as per what I have learned here. As the conversations continued, I heard many strange screeching sounds coming from a nearby tree- where a whole parliament of green owls were perched excitedly on various branches, observing the goings-on with enthusiasm. Then I woke up.

Obviously, this must mean that Duolingo has some sort of subliminal mind-altering aspect to its program and as such should be considered a controlled substance. I wrote to my Congressman this morning reporting this incident in the hopes that he will introduce legislation to thwart Duolingo's attempts at world domination. I will need support in this from the rest of you- please contact your local authorities and tell them about the insidiously addictive site known as Duolingo. We must unite if we are to triumph against this emerging internet polyglot evil!

June 28, 2013



I tell people about Duolingo everywhere I go. I'm in the Army, and because of me, I know of at least 14 people who started using the apps. I think it's great people are getting out there and learning languages. Being more worldly is a great way to unite us all.


Where's the petition??? I'll sign...as soon as I can tear myself away from my next DL lesson. LOL


Cool story bro! :D


Addicted yes now I can confess. Me too. yesterday I nearly caved and started Italian but I was able to resist Who knows what tomorrow might bring. Sorry i can't find the time to write my Congrssman I have another level to complete.


Are you making this up as a joke?


The dream is not a joke- it really happened. Did I actually contact my Congressman? I'll never tell.


Polyglot evil...lol

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