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Male speaking voice?

I thought having a male speaking option would be pretty neat, getting to hear some words in a different way and all. I don't know, I just wondered if it would be helpful to other people. (unless of course I'm being a dummy and that's already a thing :I)

June 28, 2013



I agree, it would be great to have a second voice - I'm learning french and learning to hear the small nuances is such a big part of it.


I'm not sure, but Duolingo seems to share the same text-to-speech voice as Google Translate. In other words, I'm not sure there's an easy way to add an additional voice because the primary voice may have been a 3rd-party developer.

Nothing against it, it's a great way to speed along development of a large project. But it can also leave a lot of the control out of their hands.


I actually don't think it's the same as the Google voice--it certainly doesn't sound like it in French, at least.


Sí!!! And also please offer an accent option, at least for Spanish!!!

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