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  5. "Você precisa deste livro?"

"Você precisa deste livro?"

Translation:Do you need this book?

June 28, 2013



"You need this book?" I think this is correct English, if a bit informal


Agreed -- other questions of this format accept it


Is "precisa" not feminine? and "Livro" masculine?

Why not "presiso deste livro"?


It can be confusing. Precisar is a verb and just like an English verb it changes depending on the tense. The changes in Portuguese are much more extensive than in English though. Here we need the form (conjugation) of precisar for the present tense that matches "você" and that is "precisa". There is a word "preciso" but that is the version of precisar that goes with "I". So although one ends in "a" and one ends in "o" it doesn't indicate gender.


Aaargh...ofcourse, I was confusing my verbs and nouns!


I think I'm going mad....tooooo many words!

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