"The books or the girls?"

Translation:De boeken of de meisjes?

November 8, 2014



The question number one of my university years.

December 15, 2014


Why not meisjen?

June 20, 2015


There are two ways of saying that there are more than one: by adding -en or -s. The rules for when to add -en and when to add -s can be tricky to learn, but here they are:

1) add -s when the word has at least two syllables and ends in -el, -en, -em, -er, -je (like meisjes)

2) add -'s when the word ends with -a, -i, -o, -u, -y (like auto's, menu's, euro's and foto's)

3) add -en to all other nouns

So, thats why its "meisjes" and not "meisjen". I hope this helps

July 14, 2017


I copied these rules out of my "Getting Started in Dutch" book by Teach Yourself®. I've found this book extremely helpfull!!! I'm on chapter seven now, and I've enjoyed it so much that I have bought the follow-up, "Complete Dutch".

July 14, 2017


dank je wel!!

May 23, 2019


I have the same doubt...is it an exception?

August 9, 2015


See Thomas' comment above.

September 7, 2017


Why isnt "het boek of het meisjes" correct?

November 18, 2014


Plural nouns always get the article "de".

November 18, 2014


Cool. Cheers, I'll make a note of that.

November 22, 2014


What's the difference between "de" and "het"?

December 23, 2015


De and het are the Dutch words for "the". About two-thirds of the words use "de" for "the" and the remaining third of the words use "het". It is generally impossible, unfortunately, to tell from looking at a word whether it is a de or het word. You will have to learn them by heart.

I hope this was helpfull. I got the answer out of "Getting Started in Dutch" by Teach Yourself®.

July 14, 2017


If only all ads were this helpful =)

September 16, 2019


De is always used for plurals.

December 23, 2015
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