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  5. "De eenden zijn vogels."

"De eenden zijn vogels."

Translation:The ducks are birds.

November 9, 2014



Well, it took about 10 times of listening to this to realize, "yea, they really are saying 'The ducks are birds'" ....


do you pronounce the "v" in vogels as an "f" sound... like the f in finger?


Im like a bird not a turkey (random)


I still don't get the difference between "de" and "het"... is it like "der" and "die" in German, somehow?


Yes, it is related to the grammatical gender of the noun. For the most part, you just have to memorize which are het words and which are de words.


If you want to compare to German then "het" is equivalent to "das" and "de" is equivalent to all other forms.


Het • Singular Neuter Nouns

De • all others - all Plurals, and Singular Feminine and Masculine


This sentence is quackers. It would be better if it were "Ducks are birds." "The ducks" means we are referring to certain or specific ducks, and we mean that those certain ducks we are referring to are birds, thus implying that the rest of them aren't. It doesn't make sense. Please change.

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