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  5. "I do not understand why."

"I do not understand why."

Translation:Non capisco perché.

June 28, 2013



why is capisco more correct here than comprendo


I think capire = understanding and comprendere = comprehension. If you comprehend something your knowledge is deeper and more thorough than if you just have an understanding. So if you could conceivably understand something without comprehending it.


Why does this accent mark go to the right? Is this different than "why" used in a question?


Unlike in Spanish, where the direction of accent marks don't really matter, Italian uses both acute AND grave accents. accents are always grave (going to the right) on a, i, o, and u; i.e. città. But e can take either a grave accent or an acute (going to the left) accent. Words ending in che take an acute accent (i.e. perché) but otherwise you use the grave accent.

They're technically pronounced differently; letters with grave accents have a wider sound than the letters with acute ones. But since e is the only vowel for which Italian uses both, it's not particularly relevant.


Thanks, nice summary


Perché always has the "accento acuto". It indicates a slight variation in the pronunciation of the 'e', although I am not knowledgeable enough to explain the difference.


When you poke the word it only comes up with comprendo


I was always told by an Italian that it is more correct to say "Io non riesco a capire perché". Is that wrong? He was from Milan so maybe it's a northern thing?


Why can you not say no capisco? grammatically speaking


How do you get the accent marks to come up?


Wow, that guy is mad, about forgeting two nns.


i dont understand why "non ho capisco perche" (with an accent of course) was wrong


Non ho capito perché


"Non ho capito perché" means "I have not understood why". It is the past perfect tense. http://www.edufind.com/english-grammar/past-perfect-tense/


But why no typo for "No capisco"... Instead of "Non" ?!? Not Fair!! I'm just plain wrong as far as Duo is concerned...pbsst!! How dare I forget the other "n" ?!? Shame on me!! Duo non capisce la mia risposta senza l'altra *n" !!!

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