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"Kvinden stod og prøvede at lære dansk."

Translation:The woman was trying to learn Danish.

November 9, 2014



can anyone explain why på is used here?


Is there a reason that 'teach' isn't accepted?


I guess, that would be "at undervise".


Hvorfor er der "på" i denne sætning?


Don't pronounciate "stod" this way!


thanks! how should "stod" be pronounced? this pronunciation seems consistent throughout the tree, but I've noticed it's different when I watch tv or movies in danish. any help from native speakers is greatly appreciated, tak!


and which way should it be pronounced then?


The TTS obviously jokes by pronouncing it that way in a sentence about learning Danish :)


Can someone explain the choice of stå here? Is it arbitrary? Or are we to take from this that the lady was standing as she was trying to learn Danish?


Danish is my native language, and no Danish person would ever say that.. Using "stå" or in this case "stod" is just not necessary. We would be more likely to say "Kvinden prøvede på at lære dansk" OR "Kvinden forsøgte at lære dansk". :)


So this leaves me wondering, does anyone really use the redundant ''stood and x'' and ''sat and x'' or do people just say it without? I'd hate to be learning something people no longer really use.


They do use it, but in my experience, more as a common way of expressing something like 'I'm sitting and watching tv' and not so much as a way to emphasize the continuous nature of the task.

(Non-native Danish speaker living in Denmark.)


That's what I was thinking, that it would typically mean exactly what it says. Although in the case of saying "stood and tried to learn Danish" to actually mean "is trying to learn Danish", is a bit of an odd one. Unless she at that moment, truly suddenly stood up and was determined to study Danish. Cause I can imagine that would be confusing if someone was just saying so-and-so was trying to learn Danish, would they be standing too?

Thank you for the input!


Although now I'm a bit worried that by this interpretation I am completely misunderstanding what people are actually trying to say.


I asume stå is the default choice with no further meaning, and we only use another verb when it would be weird to use stå (like if i'm eating sat down). Please correct me.


I guess you could say that. As I understand you (I'm a native)


Guys.. Learning a language, is also a learning about the way native people think, it's about mentality. How they see, think and formulate their reality and actions. So, just try to make your mind "liquid" and flow into the new forms and modes.. :) By the way, this thing of " sit and wait", " stand and smoke", "lie down and read", is so much close to how it is said in Russian, and probably in other Slavic languages. That shows me, that there are deep similarities preserved through the ages between Scandinavian and Slavic languages, in the way things and actions are seen and thought.


It could be happening as we speak


Hamlet was teaching her


(I'm a native Dane) Duolingos pronunciation of "stod" is quickly moving up my list of reasons to hate the Danish course

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