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"Vi har en fest i morgen omkring midnat."

Translation:We are having a party tomorrow around midnight.

November 9, 2014



You should come. There will be ducks drinking wine.


In British English 'around' and 'about' are synonymous when talking about time. So 'about midnight' is a valid translation of 'omkring midnat'.


Report it next time, if you didn't already :D


If "i morgen" is tomorrow, how would you say "In the morning". As in, "We're having a party in the morning". Is this a time when you should use formiddagen instead of morgen?


I believe you would use this morning? Denne morgen(?) Im learning Danish too so dont quote me


Why can't we use the future here? We will have a party tomorrow around midnight. There was a whole lesson on using the present tense to refer to the future with markers such as i morgen...


It's understandable. We don't yet know the future tense, and people do issue casual invitations in English in the present tense.

Anyway, are you coming to this party? :-)


Why does the female voice so often (always?) add an 's' to Vi? Listen at slow speed and she says 'Vis'.


When the new neighbours turn out to be party animals!


My answer is all complete correct but they not accept thiers corrections is the same all my answer,, what is this I don't understand the program


Sounds like a Gatsby party.

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