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  5. "Der Hund rennt."

"Der Hund rennt."

Translation:The dog runs.

June 28, 2013



Rennen is to race. Laufen is to run.


It's not that easy. "Der Hund läuft neben mir" means "the dog walks beside me." regardless of speed.


How is rennt different from läuft?? When should i use each one?


If he sprints fast, use rennen. For everything else, use laufen (even for walk, as "gehen" is used primarily for humans).


The verb laufen can also mean walk so you use rennen when you run really fast, as in when you sprint.


This Duolingo question reminded me of the German film called Lola Rennt. - Really awesome German film from 1998 with a techno soundtrack. :) Great for German listening practice. (English title is Run Lola Run.) Enjoy!


I remember watching it in my German class at school! Really good one


The "slow speaking" version sounds weird when she says 'hund', like as if it is played backwards?


it sounds like die :/


When the speaker says der, she pronounces it like 'dear', and she pronounces die like 'dee'.


For everyone curious, here is a great explanation of the difference between Rennen und Laufen:



Kay this may sound odd, was a little distracted at the time I answered and put hound as the translation for der hund. Should I put it as an error that it counted me wrong as I'm pretty sure Hound came from this word anyway or is there a more specific word for 'Hound'?


"der Jagdhund", and as I just learned from google: "der/die Bracke".


sorry , its a question about english. when do i put "s" in the end of the word run or runs


You put s with he she and it


If you were using the word "run" in English, it would depend on who is running. I run; You run; They run; We run; He runs; She runs; It runs


When doing the exercises, how do we know which versions of the translation provided are acceptable?

Here the provided translations to Hund are bloke/bastard and dog.

Now I know that dog is likely to be correct, but I am also curious what using the other meanings will do.

In this case - how do we write "The bloke runs" or "the bastard runs"?

Is it just through trial and error?


"Hund" can be used as a curse word, but without context, you would not really read it as one. If you don't have context and want to say "the bloke runs", you would choose a different word, like "Kerl", that is less ambigious.


Thanks - that makes sense.

I can imagine something like intonation giving context in speech, but what are some of the things that give context in writing?


Well, other writing. If you find the sentence in a novel for example, you will probably know if there is a real dog present in the scene or if the sentence means a guy.

Context means the surrounding of the sentence, the situation in which it is used. The more you know of this situation (if you see it, read about it and so on), the easier it is to decide which word fits best. if you just have a sentence like here on duolingo, you can only guess what is most likely.


I used the word "Hound" instead of "Dog" and it said this was invalid, but how is a hound different than a dog?


I think trial and error could lead to trouble -- especially in a Bierstube. One of the more interesring words I have seen in this context is Schweinhund.


?Can I use rennt as in escaped

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