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  5. "The women speak."

"The women speak."

Translation:De vrouwen spreken.

November 9, 2014



I put "de vrouw spreekt" ane the right answer is "de vrouwen spreken" . Why?


Because "women" is plural.


bedankt ,i found...


Vrouwen is plural, vrouw is singular,


What is the difference between het and de?


Use de with common (masculine/feminine) words and het with neuter words. Which gender a word has is basically arbitrary.

de vogel (the bird) M
de deur (the door) F
het vuur (the fire) N

You don't really need to remember which words are feminine and which ones are masculine, but you do need to remember which are de-woorden and which are het-woorden.

Regardless of gender, though, use de with plural words.

de vogels (the birds)
de deuren (the doors)
de vuren (the fires)

Them's the basic rules.


@Robbadob that is really helpful thank you. I found that confusing, too.


Dankejewell! The app doesn't have some tips for beginners (at least for me)


How am I supposed to know that its the plural going from english ?


"De vrouw spreekt" would be "The woman speaks.
"De vrouwen spreken" would be "The women speak".
The two sentences aren't identical in either Dutch or in English.


I put "Het vrouwen spreken" and got wrong. As per my understanding both "Het" and "De" can be used in place of "The". Please clarify.


Per my understanding, both het and de can be used in place of "the". Please clarify.

De and het are not interchangeable; that would just be useless and confusing. Instead, there are two words for "the" because Dutch has two grammatical genders while English has zero. You use either het or de depending on the gender and number.

Use de with common words (this has nothing to do with how common the word is, it's just common gender). These are also known as de-woorden (de words), and about three quarters of Dutch nouns fall under this category.

de man
the man

de vrouw
the woman

Use het with neuter words. These are also known as het-woorden (het words), and about a quarter of Dutch nouns fall under this category.

het meisje
the girl (neuter because of the diminitive -je)

het menu
the menu

No matter the gender, use de with plural words.

de mannen
the men

de vrouwen
the women

de meisjes
the girls

de menu's
the menus

So de is used here because vrouw is a de-word AND because vrouwen is plural. Het vrouwen would be double-wrong.


i typed in de vrouwen spreekt. Why did that not work?


The subject ('women') is plural, so the been must be as well. Spreekt is singular--just like in English one woman speaks but two women speak, in Dutch een vrouw spreekt en twee vrouwen spreken.


Ik schreef 'De vrouwen praatten' and got it marked wrong. (Not sure about spelling of praatten). What is the difference between praten and spreken? When do you use which?

  • Praten = to talk
  • Speak = to speak

Though both are accepted here. The reason why your answer was marked wrong was because you used praatten (past tense) instead of praten (present tense).


Why has mine said the answer should be dames not vrouwen


What did you put as your original answer? Sometimes the checker sees an incorrect answer, but instead of identifying it, it finds the closest correct answer to what you put.

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