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  5. "De spiser frugten."

"De spiser frugten."

Translation:They eat the fruit.

November 9, 2014



Could somebody give me a tip on how to easily pronounce the word " frugten" I believe that had a slight guttural hiss of sorts, or a subtle k sound after an oh-ish sounding U. it took me over 30 minutes to say it right, but i am not sure what i said correctly the final time


For me it sounds like Foctn


Say it softly but Fairely fast


How are these sentences even correct? It all seems so inlogical 'men eat the fruit.. The men drink the wine' idk but shouldn't it just be 'The men drink wine'? Without the?


No, because it is a specific fruit and wine. That's the entire point of the lesson.


How do I know when it end with en or with et? Why they don't explain what's the grammatical rule

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