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Not receiving message on my stream

I have been receiving email notifications that someone has posted on my steam. I can read the email message but cannot access "Activity" or reply to the comment without going to the senders stream.

November 9, 2014



You can just click on Go to activity in the email. That should take you to post directly.


That's the problem. Go to activity doesn't respond. It's just a blank page staring back at me. :-) For other comments it works normally; it's only the Activity Stream it won't access. Thanks for your advice and interest.


Have you checked that those posts on your activity have not already been deleted by the person who posted?

This problem persisted for me for a while. So I usually click on the top right bell icon to display the notification and select the one I am interested in. Clicking it takes me to that activity.

This might not help you, as you already may know this. But try writing to the support team.


Thank you for your advice. Actually the problem seems to have been resolved and yes I had reported it. The main prob. was that it wouldn't take me to the activity. But as I said it's ok now. Thanks again.

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