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  5. "Het is jouw boek."

"Het is jouw boek."

Translation:It is your book.

November 9, 2014



So is "jouw" the same as "your" singular, informal in English?


Correct, uw (formal), jullie (plural). More info: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732923

[deactivated user]

    Is there a reason why I cannot use "this" instead of "it"? This is your book answer is not accepted and it requires It is your book. thanks!


    This is your book = Dit is jouw boek


    What is the difference between the possessive jouw and van jou/jullie? Is it your/yours?


    Yes! Dat boek is van jou = That book is yours Dat is jouw boek = That is your book

    PS I figured you deserved a lingot for going from here to being lvl 21 in Dutch within only 6 days


    Is there a specific reason you could not instead say "Het is je boek."? Is that not the same? Thanks.


    Is there any reason why you can't use 'uw boek' here? Thanks.


    I had to translate into English so jouw was already written down for me. But absolutely you could. Like so many languages it's all about relationships. Familiarity, addressing children, friends, family members and animals or respect addressing strangers or older people in respected positions (don't mean to ramble on if you already know this :) ). But if you have to translate the Emglish sentence into Dutch then uw should be accepted as it is out of context


    What the difference between 'It is...' and 'That is...'?


    It is= het is

    That is= Dat is


    It makes no sence that it uses it instead of this


    Why is that? Could you please expand on that?

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