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"Bedstemoren leger med børnene."

Translation:The grandmother plays with the children.

November 9, 2014



I thought at first it says 'The grandmother plays with the bears.' I guess I miss the bears :D


I begin to feel like I'm not the only one who constantly mistakes children with bears throughout this course :D


Why the translation "The granny plays with the children" is not accepted?


I put "The grandmum plays with the children"... wrong apparently


it is always accepted. The most important thing is that the meaning is the same.


Hmm... I put down "mum" for "mother" in a previous question that asked me to translate to English from Danish, and it marked me as wrong too. But I thought it was because the word "mum" is not used in an academic sense - like I would not write an academic report using the word "mum" instead of "mother" - so I did not leave a comment about it.


it does mean the same though, doesnt it?


This showed me "nan" for grandmother, I had to come here for a reminder of what bedstemoren meant. Didn't know nan was a grandmother.


If you hover over a word, or tap it on the mobile app, it will give you hints (although not always right, here it should show "the grandmother" on its own). "Nan" is just an alternative answer


If "nan" is an alternative answer why wouldn't "granny" be one as well


Probably because it wasn't thought of as an answer by the one who wrote the sentence originally, but I have added it now.


It accepts "grandma"


The queen is called 'granny' by her grandchildren. I believe it to be the most common version of grandmother.


Thank you! There are several other sentences which do not accept granny as a translation though. ..


The TTS for bedstemoren is really weird on the fast version but fine on the slow.


Same here, it says bedstem-oren instead of bedste-moren. I think I've heard the TTS pronounce the word correctly before, I'm not 100% sure but if so it must be a relatively new bug.


Isn't the word for grandmother mormor or farmor depending on which side of the family? That's what I was always taught


That is correct, but there's also the general bedstemor, and conversely bedstefar.


"granny" wasn't accepted


It sounds to me like like "Bedstem Oren", and I don't know if it is a mispronunciation of the TTS, or it sounds like that because of the stød or something like that. What do you think? I think that in Norwegian it would be pronounced "beste moren" if in the need of a small pause in the middle of the word.


This is a miss of the TTS. It should be one smooth word, "bestemōrn".

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