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Let's move on from this one for now.

In the mobile version, if Duolingo does not understand my speaking attempt by the third time it says "Let's move on from this one for now." That is fine, but I wish it also presented the translation of the phase.

November 9, 2014

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Good idea. That would be quite useful, I think. I must say, though, that I think you would get much more replies if you posted this suggestion in the "Duolingo" category. I can't guarantee the staff will see it there and perhaps maybe act on the idea but I think it would expose the idea a bit better seeing as the "troubleshooting" forum is for finding out what is wrong with the app and getting help in fixing it.

Also, you could use the "leave feedback" option in the app which is located via the menu in the right-hand corner and the third option down titled "feedback" (on Android.) Unfortunately I can't give the location of said option in iOS so I must wish you luck in that endeavor ;-)

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