"Lui scrive alla ragazza."

Translation:He writes to the girl.

June 28, 2013

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These prepositions take the gender and number of their object, and so Lui scrive al ragazzo -- He writes to the boy; Lui scrive alla ragazza -- He writes to the girl; Lui scrive alle donne -- He writes to the women; Lui scrive agli uomini -- He writes to the men;


FirstDerivative, thank you so much! Your input was very helpful!


sounds like Lui is doing a lot of writing.

(thanks for the helpful explanation)


Hallo Bartolomeo it's right that you write because lui scrive alla ragazza it has translated first with "at the" than with " to the" so it isn't right because i don't know what i have to put in the next translation. Ok thanks a lot for your observation useful for me, bye and see you soon


thanks for the clarification!


I was just about to ask this. Thank you.


Does he... maybe... possibly... have a crush?


Io non capisco! What is the point of "alla?" You could also say "Lui scrive al ragazza" couldn't you? It was in the earlier practices.


Had the same question. I thought "al" was "to the" but I realize that for comprehension in earlier practices I was altering the translation to make sense in English rather than learn how something is literally said in Italian. I see now it is beginning to make a bigger difference.


Can they just make a chart with all of the ways to say "to the?"


Here you are: The complete list of Italian prepositional articles:



thank you sooo much!!


thanks a lot guys


I put "He writes to her", I know that that's wrong, but how would I write "He writes to her"? Lui scrive la sua?


By the way, what is the proper way to say "gli?" Is the "G" silent or is it pronounced like "glee?"


I think it's pronounced more like 'lee'


more like lee but with a little bit of a gl. lol sorry i cant explain it all that well. search it on google translate and press speak. hope that helps!!


Some help please. Question: When is 'alla' used as apposed to 'dalla'? For example. Il ragazzo va dalla ragazza. (The boy goes to the girl.)

Lui scrive alla ragazza. (He writes to the girl.)


This is the first time in any language I've encountered contractions that are longer than what they are replacing: a la --> alla. (It's contrary to the very meaning of "contraction.") Also, in this case, at least, are phonetically the same (or nearly so).

Still, I like these Italian prepositions. Satisfying to the linguist in me.

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