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"Han snakker om sekunder og årtier."

Translation:He talks about seconds and decades.

November 9, 2014



why do they pronounce "d" in sekunder? Normally, d is not read in the combination "nd"


I'm not completely sure, but I guess it has to do something with the stress? It's seKUNder, not SEkunder... or am I wrong?


Could sekunder also mean seconds as in "He had seconds after he finished his first plate of food"?


No, I guess, it is the plural of the time unit. Your use of seconds must use the ordinal number. Unless those words are the same in danish as they are in english--which I bet they don't--it can't.


Can 'om' mean 'about' and 'in'? So it depends on the sentence?


Why isn't the word OG spoken?Is she a lazy speaker or is this how Danes speak?


The TTS seems to lightly pronounce it. Don't know if this accurate to how Danish people speak.


"Og år-" is essentially two "o" sounds back to back ("o" and "å" are very close to the same vowel) with a stop ("g") between them. The "g" really isn't voiced. Also, just like in English, pronouns are generally of less importance in normal speech, and therefore are unstressed compared to surrounding words.

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