"We never use the sugar."

Translation:Non usiamo mai lo zucchero.

June 28, 2013

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Why is "Noi usiamo mai lo zucchero" is not acceptable? If mai means never what is the purpose of using non?


The old double negative raises it head again


Is there any reason that "Non mai usiamo lo zucchero" is unacceptable?


edit: It seems "mai" can be placed before the verb in order to give it more expressive power. For details check my post to Ariaflame

Since "mai" is an adverb it generally goes after the verb it is modifying. Non + verb + mai

more about adverb placement : http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare139a.htm

note: If it you have compound tense (like passato prossimo) "mai" is one of the adverbs that are usually placed between auxiliary verb and participle (but it can also be placed after the participle):

Non + auxillary verb + mai + participle ( Non abbiamo mai usato lo zucchero / We have never used sugar. )


So why did 'Mai usiamo lo zucchero' get accepted then?


Thank you for your post. After searching for a while I found the answer but I hope someone else will confirm this information: Generally when an adverb modifies the verb it goes after it, but when placed before the verb it gives the verb more expressive power. (http://grammatica-italiana.dossier.net/grammatica-italiana-11.htm under l'uso dell'avverbio)

Also it seems that the article I posted before from "Italian about" isn't completely accurate. Sorry guys I usually check at least two sources in order to verify the information.

Affatto, ancora, mai, neanche, neppure, nemmeno and più can go either between the helper (auxiliary) and participle or after the participle. sources:


Wow! Thanks for the informative response! Also, just so I know for future reference, (and maybe you can't answer this) are there Duolingo employees who search the comment boards for questions they can answer and are you one of them? Thanks again!!!


Mukkapazza is Duolingo's Italian expert. Employees have a blue circle around their profile picture. If you go to Discussion tab and check specific languages you will see them on the right below the sections. Nope, I am just a user that likes to help people.

edit: the list of experts is not available anymore but you can still recognize them by the blue circle.


Well thanks again! Ciao!


...and we thank you, dnovinc! I always read your posts, along with those of formaggiamente, xyphax, itastudent, etc.,...so many!!..♥


Why can't this be 'Non usiamo neanche lo zucchero'?


Non usiamo mai lo zucchero perché è pieno di insetti!


What is the difference between mai, neanche and niente?


Why is non necessary?? Mai is already never so then its a double negative.


Languages are allowed their own idioms. French also requires double negative. ne ... jamais. https://www.thoughtco.com/french-double-negatives-1368881


Non ci serviamo mai lo zucchero??


"Non ci serviamo mai dello zucchero" is the correct wording, you need to add a preposition (an articulated preposition in this instance). The construction is "servirsi di qualcosa".


One could also use "Non utilizziamo mai il zucchero." Why is this translation not accepted?


Probably because it's 'lo zucchero' not 'il zucchero'


Ah, silly me. Thx!


So, my answer is always the same a what the correct answer is said to be... is this normal for everyone?


Should "noi non usiamo mai dello zucchero" be accepted?


Is 'lo' absolutely necessary?


What does lo mean, is it supposed to be neutral like in german?


Look at mai in this not as a double negative but as it saying "we never use the sugar never ever. It puts more emphasis on it. Mai being never. We never use the sugar, never ever, under NO circumstances!

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