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  5. "Itheann na turtair rís."

"Itheann na turtair rís."

Translation:The turtles eat rice.

November 9, 2014



Must be those Paddy Field turtles then


I feed my turtles rice.


or maybe the teenage mutant ninja turtles?


I never thought i would ever have to type this.


After searching up if turtles can actually eat rice, apparently they can't. Also, apparently there's a turtle that won't eat anything except cooked rice.


Ok, I must confess : I was about to write "The turtles eat pizza".


Lol thought it was we eat the turtle rice


If "itheann" sounds like anything, it would be "ithim", which is "I eat". "We eat" would be "ithimid".


So you couldn't put The turtle eats rice??


No. the turtle is an turtar, and the turtles is na turtair.


atleast half of these ( and im talking about the ones with the speaker icon not the pcs or multiple choice etc) does not play the audio. NOt automatic but also not when clicking the icon. Is it like this with everyone?


Yes. Some of these do not have the audio yet. Unlike some of the courses that use text-to-speech computer voices, Irish uses real people. So it takes significantly longer to get all of them recorded.


Ah ok, well good to know its not just me. But if i were them, i would not show the sound icon yet then. Just add it after there is actually sound available, cause this was very confusing, all these non working icons.

They havent hired someone for it? They have to wait for people to contribute a spoken sentence?


They have one or two people. But it takes more time than you think to organize a course that's this extensive.


It's actually likely the reverse. They had audio for the original speaker, who wasn't native, but not from the new speaker. When they switched speakers, they didn't remove all the play buttons. That said, I don't see the play button anymore. But it is unlikely the rest will get audio, as they pay someone for that (taking contributions would be too much of a hassle)


Aw man, didnt look close enough at the english and said the turtles eats rice

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