"How do you spell that word?"

Translation:Conas a litríonn tú an focal sin?

4 years ago


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I don't get the grammatical structure here. I do not understand why the "a" is needed in the sentence. Can somebody please explain it?

3 years ago


The explanation in Gramadach na Gaeilge leaves something to be desired, but basically, the interrogative contains a form of the copula - it might be more literally read as "how is it that you spell...". The a is the "that".

2 years ago


Surely you could use the saorbriathar here?

4 years ago

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The English question includes a subject, so it’s not unreasonable to have the Irish translation also include one. A question like “How is that word spelled?” might be a better candidate for translation with an Irish autonomous verb.

4 years ago


It didn't like it when I did!

1 year ago


It seems logical to use saorbhriathar!

1 year ago


Duolingo seems to like conas but not cén chaoí

1 year ago

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or "cén dóigh". Cainiúint till I die baby

3 months ago


I tend to use the Connacht form 'Ce' chaoi' instead of 'conas' so I find this weird.

6 months ago


Would it make sense to leave out the tú and just have Conas a litríonn an focal sin? If the question isnt really how do YOU spell it but how does one spell it generally?

2 days ago


No. If you left out the , then an focal sin would become the subject of the verb - "how does that word spell", without any object.

Instead, you would use the saorbhriathar or autonomous form of the verb, in which the actor in the sentence is not expressed - Conas a litrítear an focal sin?, which is usually translated with the English passive sentence "How is that word spelled?"

2 days ago
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