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"Do you have some candlelights left?"

Translation:Har du nogle stearinlys tilbage?

November 9, 2014



Good to know

noget = something

nogen = any, somebody

nogle = some

(ikke) nogen/noget som helst = (not) anything/anybody/anyone ... at all

("nogen" and "nogle" are pronounced the same and many Danes don't know when to use which one - also, there is nothing called "nogle som helst")


So that's why I haven't been able to distinguish between 'nogle' og 'nogen' in Duolingo sentences. Tusind tak!


In English (at least American English), 'candlelight' is only the light from a candle on fire. 'Candlelight', as in the collective illumination from the candles in a space, is also the plural. One can have candles, tapers, or 'tea lights' (tiny, shallow cylinders), but one cannot possess--much less share--'candlelights'.

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