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"An bhfuair teastas tar éis an chúrsa?"

Translation:Did you get a certificate after the course?

November 9, 2014



The speaker doesn't pronounce the "n" in "tar éis an chúrsa". This is authentic fast spoken Irish, but most learners will probably instintively want to keep it when practising. That's fine!


Why is it An instead of Ar?


Questions in the past are normally introduced by Ar. Of the eleven irregular verbs, five use An:

An ndúirt tú? = Did you say

An raibh tú? = Were you?

An ndearna tú? = Did you do/make?

An bhfuair tú? = Did you get/find?

An bhfaca tú? = Did you see?

An ndeachaigh tú? = Did you go?


For the same reason that it's fuair rather than faigh - faigh is an irregular verb, and irregualr verbs don't always follow the usual rules.

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