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"Ik heb vandaag veertien toetsen."

Translation:I have fourteen tests today.

November 10, 2014



Well, good luck! :P


Wow, talk about overkill!


Is that a realistic number? (Serious question)


Sure, if you have 6-7 periods/classes and each give 2-3 tests, then yeah. But they could also be outside of school, but I don't think that's true given the Skill we're learning. It's the perfect storm if you will. lol, Highly unprobably to happen but it could.


I never heard of having more than a test per period. could it be that we conceive tests differently and that what you call 'a test' is what I would call 'a section of a test'? In my eyes, if it's the same subject, then it's one test (unless you have to take a make-up test, then you are having two..)


Well it could be sections of a test. But I've had multiple tests. Like, using different score cards and different subjects per test. I get those sometimes in AP classes or classes with a lot of work. But yeah, it is still "Highly unprobable to happen but it could."


That sounds like an awful lot.

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