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  5. "Pigen tager hen til drengen."

"Pigen tager hen til drengen."

Translation:The girl is going to the boy.

November 10, 2014



Can you say only "Pigen tager til drengen"? (or drengens hus, whatever makes sense) Like, what does "hen" exactly do/mean in the sentence?


why isnt the girl travels to the boy correct?


Travel is "rejse", and you would'nt use those words if the girl simply crossed the street to get to the boy.


Still don't understand that well about the "hen" word..


What is the purpose of “hen”?


If I'm not mistaken hen basically means to, and saying 'Pigen tager hen til drengen" would be the equivalent of saying 'The girl goes over to the boy' with hen=over. This doesn't really change the meaning, as in both cases hen/over is not an indispensable part of the phrase. Both mean The girl goes to the boy.' but go over to/tager hen til both show a little more idiomatic flavor, for lack of a better word, for the the region of the world they are from; and yes, 'The girl goes over to the boy' was accepted as a correct solution on this question:) I hope that helps. (Natives, please feel free to chime in.)


I wrote "The girl's..." and my sentence was correct except it said the correct form was "The girl is" "The girl's" and "The girl is" are the same


If it was accepted then it shouldn't matter, when it says "Another Correct Translation:" it's because we have a different one as the main translation (It doesn't mean it is necessarily better, it's just the one that was chosen). You'll tend to find contractions are done automatically (We add "The girl is..." and "The girl's..." is automatically accepted)

Edit: I actually found out this wasn't the case with the last point, the automatic contractions on works with pronouns ("They are" automatically accepts "They're" for example)


No they are not the same. "The girl's" is possessive it means she owns whatever follows which cannot be the verb. "The girl is" is correct.


Could another translation of this be "The girl goes up to the boy"?


Or, I believe "The girl goes over to the boy". I would have expected it to be går hen til, but it looks like tager is used in a lot of expressions, and it was used in going to the doctor too if I remember correctly.


So in fact you say in Danish: the girl brings herself to the boy?


No, "herself" would be "sig".


Tager han = kommer han?


hmmm... what about 'the girl is going back to the boy'? how should that be stated i am wondering?


None of this makes any sense. Why doesn't this app offer explanations! We learned go=går and takes=tager. "Hen" doesn't even show up in Google translate.

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