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DE or HET? Dutch nouns Duolingo cheat sheet + Memrise course :D!

I made this tonight seeing the word tab is not here yet and idk if this already exists somewhere, but hopefully it will prove useful to some of you! I'm only level 8 so if you would be so kind and copy/paste all nouns that are missing, and I'll add them tomorrow.

Google Cheat Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16nwvPSaCviwOaDuyeJ7fbsganqCU_DFQG0WDpENJsh0/pubhtml?gid=0=true

Memrise course (audio added soon!): http://www.memrise.com/course/356041/dutch-duolingo-de-or-het-vocabulary/

The Memrise course might seem easy at first, simply clicking the words that are right, BUT it will be harder after you've gone through the words a couple of times — then only the typing tests will appear and that's where you have to wreck your brain for de or het (and that's when you learn)! :) Besides might be good to practice nouns either way.

Oh and please note, if you start looking for other dutch word courses on Memrise, feel free, but please make sure they teach you proper articles (meaning ALWAYS include de or het when encountering nouns), else you will get hurt in the long run not knowing how to properly use adjectives and such! :(

Question, would you also like a overall Dutch Memrise course, with ALL words (Adjectives, Pronouns, Numbers etc)? Let me know.


November 10, 2014



Hey Mygrapefruit! Good to see you helping out with this :)

If you want, I could help you add words and articles to your spreadsheet. Just let me know.


Sure!! Request access via the sheet (should be an option somewhere? else let me know what your email is), and I'll add your email as collaborator!

edit: And oh this should go without saying but I'd happily give over all administrative powers to all Dutch mods on the Google Sheet + add you as collaborators on the Memrise course (although if you're new to Memrise I can do the course building and you can correct my errors ;D).


I'll help you add the words to the spreadsheet for now, we'll see where it goes with the Memrise course :)


It looks you're dividing the longer lessons into groups of 15, is that right?


Yep! That was initially for the Memrise course (15 words per new lesson is standard). You can remove those for the spreadsheet though if you want, I can see that would be less confusing for people.


great! this is exactly what I need. thanks so much for this! :-)


TIP: das-words in German are often het-words in Dutch.


This is great! Thanks!


A lot of work. I'm just ahead of you at Level 9 but I'd be happy to help with the google doc if you'd like- I'm dead keen. I could back to review a couple of sets and add words. Let me know. "Sinaasappel" is orange if I'm not mistaken, by the way. Best!


Sinaasappel is orange indeed.


Very nice idea! Thank you!


I'm doing the +5000 words on Memrise. Let me know how I can help.


One question-- what's the deal with middageten being labeled (feminine)? Is this something I haven't gotten to yet on Duolingo?


Well, it isn't feminine. I mean to point this out to Mygrapefruit. I changed it to (neuter), but I think it could also work without the distinction. I think you would need to keep it though in the Memrise course in order to distinguish between the two words for "the lunch" that we have in our course.


I think in other memrise courses I have used there has been some way for it to recognize synonyms-- although it sometimes plays the audio for the word it actually expected.


Thank you very much. I was looking for something like this. It will help me a lot. ;)


I ve logined Duolingo just to like this great piece work.

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