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Suggestion: video section

Hi everyone. I think Duolingo is an amazing way to learn language, especially for a student like me. But, in my opinion, there's something missing to it. It is true that, thanks to the thousands of exercises you can do here, sooner or later you will learn everything that can be learned. However, learning by reading and writing is completely different from learning with watching and listening. Once you learn to use all the verbs, words and whatever, you will probably be able to write awesome texts, but how about the speaking itself?

I think the best way to learn pronunciation is to listen to other people while they are talking, this is why i often use Youtube to improve my english. It is easy to find english youtubers, but the system doesn't work as well for the other languages, since there is a far lower amount of videos available for them. So, why don't you do it here?

Wouldn't be amazing to have a place were we can watch, upload, rate, comment and share videos in different languages? You could organize the videos in section, so it's going to be easy to find the videos in the language you are interest in. Plus, you could add all sorts of sub-sections (politics, sciences, games etc), so there's going to be something for everyone! In no time we would see big channels growing up here in duoling, which would mean a big increase in visitors for you, and a far bigger and more accessible source of videos for us! :)

June 28, 2013



I totally agree!! we should be able to translate videos in any language, the listening part is essential


Oddly enough, it was exactly this that brought me to DL. I enjoy the study of history from many angles, and in that vein I possess over 200 hours of newsreels from 1924 through to 1945. About one third of them are German (most of them produced through the office of Joseph Goebbels) and I found both the cinematography and narration quite fascinating- though I could not understand a word that was being said. Yet I previously believed that I could not invest the time or resources to learn the language to the extent that I could understand them.

After a month of working on this site, I am now beginning to pick out things from those newsreels- a word here, a short sentence there. It is very exciting for me and I very much look forward to learning more German and gaining enough mastery to listen to and understand these videos. So I do agree that such video immersion would be very helpful as well as both encouraging and exciting.


I think that is a good idea, however, with all the different means people access this site from, tablets, laptops,etc, some may not be able to watch without downloading something or not able to at all, may cause bugs on certain devices etc, so even tho I feel you have a good idea, it may mess up the site. I could be wrong as not a high tech geek myself but have come accross pages where "please upgrade " this/that, and that is not always possible.


Yeah, i was thinking about that. I guess they could just make it availabe for pc-users, until they will come up with something that would allow mobile users to take advantage of this feature as well.


I think the best way to translate videos is with subtitles, multilingual preferably.

So, in the example given with historical footage recorded in native German, subtitles in English, Spanish, or even German itself could be very useful.

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