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webCAPE exam results

I just took the Spanish webCAPE exam and received a score of 500, which would put me in fourth semester Spanish or higher at a university. I find this quite amazing - I have been using Duolingo for 3 months (100 days yesterday), and my previous exposure to Spanish was one semester at a community college 5 years ago.

Thank you Duolingo!

June 28, 2013



i got 410,

"At many colleges and universities, this score qualifies you to place into third semester Spanish. Congratulations!"

the test was quite hard for me though.. what is the highest score on this test?


The test is adaptive, meaning it adjusts its difficulty based on your performance on earlier questions. So it's pretty normal to find it hard, since the test is trying to determine the boundaries of your knowledge. But because of this, there's no true maximum score. From the webCAPE FAQ:

"Since there are nearly a thousand questions for each language, and the questions for a given exam are chosen randomly, it's difficult to nail down the maximum score. What we can do is give a list of the maximum score received for each exam language so far:

(As of 2006)

Spanish Exams Given: 302,000 Top Score 956

French Exams Given: 65,499 Top Score 766

German Exams Given: 25,871 Top Score 948

It's too soon to tell for the ESL and Russian exams.

Note that these scores include exams taken by faculty, and so are probably very close to the 'actual' maximum."


Where do you take the webCAPE exam?


Duolingo sends you an email with the link (but probably only) after you have finished the skill tree.


I never got an email for this- I don't think it's automatic for everyone.


You're right, they seem to test just a handful of users : http://blog.duolingo.com/post/41960192602/duolingos-data-driven-approach-to-education (last paragraph). I only got an email for the French test, although my Spanish skill tree is finished, too.


i got it about 2 weeks after i finished the tree, so maybe it's just a matter of time:)


I got 623 in French. "At many colleges and universities, this score qualifies you to place into fourth semester French or higher." Pretty nice because a year ago I didn't know anything in French :-)

It would be nice if we had these links to webCAPE exams right on our home pages for the languages we have completed.


I just scored a 572 in French. How does it translate to the European A B C language levels (CEFR)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages


I would like to know that too. I wanted to start discussion, with question "Which CEFR level you achieve when you finish skill tree?" So, does anyone know?


Wow, congratulations!


Is there a way for us to get specific feedback on the exam, i.e., number of questions correct/incorrect and correct answers for those we may have botched?


It makes me want to take the french test now (after 5 years of school french that I can barely remember) and again after a year on here and see the difference.


I scored 455 in German this week: equivalent to three semesters in college. And I started Duolingo just a couple of months ago!

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