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Translating videos


I'm very happy with Duolingo because I have improved my skills in languages such as english and portuguese. However, I think Duolingo should to create an option that let us translating videos and putting subtitles in any language. In this manner, we can improve the listening skills without losing the sense of translation.

June 28, 2013



Great idea!

I also believe that this would be in Duolingo’s own interest because I know that a lot of youtube uploaders are looking for people who can translate their videos. It might even be a bigger opportunity than the article translation!


Dude. This idea is so wonderful that i can practically see it spouting rainbows. You're a freaking GENIUS!


I really agree with this idea, since I know what it's like to be "fluent" in a language without being able to really understand it.

Just an idea: Perhaps it would be best if we could choose a video we want to translate early on/ahead of time, and Duolingo could analyze it, and then customize new vocabulary based upon it. I have found that many times the biggest impediment isn't "lack of vocabulary", but rather "lack of vocabulary in context". AFAIK, YouTube offers captions as part of their API, so for the most part Duolingo would just need to compare that to whatever vocab you already have, and go from there. :)


I love this idea as I badly need practice listening to the language I am learning.


yeah, listening and speaking.... both are essential!


sounds like a good idea


awesome idea! :)

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