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  5. "Io ho il mio portafoglio."

"Io ho il mio portafoglio."

Translation:I have my wallet.

November 10, 2014



I see I've recovered it from the guy who stole it?


Why not purse instad of wallet?


That's what I wrote too. Where's the difference?


They should accept "purse". In the US a purse is what we in Britain call a handbag. In the UK a purse and a wallet are almost the same - a woman will call her "wallet" a purse.


Purse should be accepted as in UK it's same as wallet but ladies are more used to saying it a purse


should be I have my wallet, not I've my wallet.


I believe that mio is unnecessary, because in Italian it is assumed that personal carry items and body parts are "yours". Comments anyone?


I believe "mio" is necessary.

"Io ho il mio portafoglio" [I have my wallet.]

"Io ho il tuo portafoglio" [I have your wallet.]

"Io ho il suo portafoglio" [I have his/her wallet.]

"Io ho il nostro portafoglio" [I have our wallet.]

"Io ho il vostro portafoglio" [I have your wallet.]

"Io ho il loro portafoglio" [I have their wallet.]

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