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"There is a volcano in this country."

Translation:Er is een vulkaan in dit land.

November 10, 2014



"Er staat een vulkaan in dit land."?


"Er zit een vulkaan in dit land" is accepted. So it doesn't have to be "is" in this case, but the choice of verbs is kind of tricky. According to another thread, "zit" is usually used for something being inside. Perhaps a volcano is supposed to be inside a mountain?


Seems odd that it is 'zit' and not 'staat' here.


Maybe it is "zit" for shield volcanoes (because they are wide and low) and "staat" for stratovolcanoes (because they are higher)? ;)

Just a joke.


Waarom niet: Er ligt een vulkaan in dit land. Which aspect of ' volcano' -being located in, being tall, or being inside something- determines the Dutch verb we are to use? Is it simply idiomatic? Bedankt voor je hulp.

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