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  5. "Hun læser en menu."

"Hun læser en menu."

Translation:She reads a menu.

November 10, 2014



Ok, how do we know if en/et is definate (the) or not (they)?


En/et before a noun means "A/an/one" (Jeg er en mand = I am a man)
-en/-et after a noun means "The" (Jeg er manden = I am that man) not to be confused with Den/Det which before a noun mean "That" (Jeg er den mand = I am that man), but can mean "the" if there is an adjective (Jeg er den store mand [never store manden] = I am that/the big man)
"They" translates to "De" (De er mændene = They are the men)


Thanks! Somehow I didn't realize that before.


I am selecting all the right words in their proper order, with my answer word-for-word matching the curriculum's, and twice now the answer rings incorrect. Anyone else having this problem?


she read a menu didnt work. is there another word for past tense of reads?


Try “She is reading a menu” if you look ahead in Present Tense Section, the “r” at the end of Læser indicates present tense ;)

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