"Lui vuole diventare ingegnere."

Translation:He wants to become an engineer.

June 29, 2013

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Why is there no "Un" or "Una" in this sentence?


Why is the "an" in English mandatory?


Sometimes there is no 'why'. We just learn how each language does it and go from there. French doesn't use the 'un/une' for jobs either. If you think that's bad though you should see the Scottish Gaelic - 'S e an tidsear a th'ann' - He is a teacher - literally, it is the teacher that is in him.

(edited. The teacher not a teacher that is in him... doh)


it has to have a grammatical rule to explain why the "an" is mandatory.


Good comment, and an interesting comparaison!


so... " he wants to become engineer and doctor" would be incorrect? Sorry English is not my mother language.


In the situation of becoming/being something, the thing must have either the definite or indefinite article in English.

She is "a" doctor. She is "the" doctor.

He studied to become "an" engineer. He is now "the" engineer at the factory. Etc etc etc

Hope it helps!


he wants to be one engineer is completely incorrect in english


"he wants to become engineer" should be accepted as dictionary hint for diventare is become


No, because it's not a sentence in English. You could say 'He wants to become an engineer."


Oh thanks for your comment (without it I would have tried that one out).

"He wants to become an engineer" is accepted and "He wants to become engineer" is rejected.


Why not "lui vuole essere ingegnere" = he wants to be an engineer, since your translation omits "diventare" which would indicate he wants "to become" an engineer? Non capito! Auita, per favore.


I think your suggestion would mean that he wants to be an engineer right now, rather than, say, after his years of study. Could also be true, just conveying a different method


I missed this but the "correct" answer was "He wants to become 1 engineer." "1" is not correct, "an" is correct in this sentence.


As opposed to becoming two or three engineers?


Diventare = to be elected? Or Diventare = to become?

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