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  5. "It is our home."

"It is our home."

Translation:Het is ons thuis.

November 10, 2014



Why didn't it accept "Het is onze thuis"?


Found this on another Duolingo discussion:

In the possessive form 'ons' is used when followed by 'het'-words and changes to 'onze' when followed by a 'de'-word. Het huis - Ons huis (our house) Het avondeten - Ons avondeten (our dinner) De auto - Onze auto (our car) De fiets - Onze fiets (our bicycle) Also, use 'ons' for: Reflexive pronouns (myself, yourself, himself, etc.). 'We should prepare ourselves' - 'We moeten ons voorbereiden'. Object pronouns. 'He helped us' - 'Hij heeft ons geholpen'.


Thanks :D this really does help a lot.


if I say: Het is ons huis, what does it mean? Thanks.


That's: it is our house.


Just a question, I was thinking that when one says thuis he already means his house, so we should say 'ik ga naar thuis' and not 'ik ha naar mijn thuis'. So I thought that 'dat is thuis' would already be meaning 'dat is ons huis'. But I may be wrong of course.

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