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"Das Internet wird die Welt verändern."

Translation:The Internet will change the world.

November 10, 2014



It already did, Duo. It already did.


What is the difference between ändern and verändern?


I know this answer is coming 3 years late, but this is actually a very good question, and since no one else seems to have answered it yet... In general, even native German speakers often tend to use these words interchangeably, so don't feel too bad if you confuse them, because in many situations, both can be used. As a conceptual difference, however, "ändern" means something more like the English word "replace", so you'd use it in sentences like "I will change my plans" or "I changed my mind". (The latter because in German, you don't say you changed your mind, but rather "Ich habe meine Meinung geändert", literally "I changed my opinion".) By contrast, "verändern" means to change the state of an object without replacing it altogether, for example "I changed the wording of the text" or "I want to change the world".


...said someone in the 80's? :)


Not sure this sentence should be in the future chapter ;)


Das Internet hat die Welt schon verändert.

[deactivated user]

    Es hat es bereits verbessert!


    Not will. Has already.

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