"A sock"

Translation:Una calza

June 29, 2013



Why are socks refered to somtimes as "calza" and sometimes as "calzino"? Are there male socks and female socks?


Not exactly: "calzino" is litterally little sock, and I don't know why it becomes masculine. generally the meanings are these:

  • Calza = sock, long sock, hose, stocking;
  • Calzino = short sock or little sock;
  • Calzina (rare) = little sock for babies


Grazie Stronzia


It could be that Calza, with the feminine ending, refers to (or used to refer to) a longer, stocking-like, woman's sock, while Calzino - masculine - refers to a shorter man's stock. Maybe over time they changed from having the stricter gender-based meanings to having broader definitions. Just a bit of idle speculation.


Just wondering if a calzone is similar to a calza because it is like a sock for food. Lol. Just me? Okay...


Exactly right. "-one" means a big something. It's a big sock! https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/calzone


That's Actually What I Was Thinking, And I Was Going To Ask This On An Other Phrase!


In the section marked clothing, duo asked for "the socks" When I entered i calzini, it was marked wrong, and le calze was considered the correct answer. That would be correct if we were referring to the stockings, but to be clear, duo asked for the socks, and the plural of that is calzini. This needs to be clarified.


Why does Duolingo say "Mark ALL correct meanings" while its never more than one correct answer? I have never seen a multiple choice thing that had more than one correct answer and if you mark a correct answer AND a somehow incorrect answer the whole answer counted as incorrect.


Sometimes you can be asked to translate a sentence including the word "you", where an answer with "tu" and an answer with "voi" or "Lei" are both correct and have to be marked as such.


I've Seen Ones With Multiple Correct Answers, And Even A Fair Few Times Failed Because I Didn't Select All Of Them.

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