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Where can I get information on how the Immersion program works

There is a section of Duo called Immersion. During my lessons I have begun receiving pop-up messages encouraging me to go there and do translations.

When I go there all the examples have already been translated several times. A couple of times I have seen something that cried out for a better translation so I have tried to edit them. Once in the editing format I can't find any way to leave it short of going to the Duo home button.

In another comments thread some Duo students were complaining about what they considered vandalism taking place in the immersion exercises. Their concern, as I understood it, was that somehow they got points, and that these points could be taken by somebody editing their contribution with something minor.

When I first started Duo there were translation exercises that were available that could provide points that were issued as you did the translation itself. At no time did it look like they could be taken away. If points were issued for what I did in the new format, I didn't see them. As far as I can tell Duo no longer gives points for Immersion work.

These exercises have a new look as part of a Duo makeover and now I don't understand how they work or the mechanics of how to do them.

In the previous format, I enjoyed doing them and accumulated a bunch of points in the process.

June 29, 2013



Start with this TED talk by one of the creators of Duo you'll get a good picture.
You'll soon see that what some say are already translated passages are in need of editing- as you noted. By the way just press SAVE bottom left. That's the reason there are so many versions. As a translator I'm happy to know that somebody "has my back" and can put the English into a more natural sounding form. Eventually the consensus of all these versions gets to the publlisher, Wiki etc who pays Duo so you get free language lessons. As for the points I really don't know what they're for anyway, except maybe for encouragement, there's nothing to be gained. But the editing is a vital part of translation and even a minor change can be important.that's why it's there also note the "Looks good" section and just plain":Looks wrong" (How often has something looked wrong but you couldn't put your finger on it. This way someone else will be made aware and perhaps make the change needed.)
This is a sort of "crowd sourcing translation project." and it works. So, do join the effort. Oh, here's the site:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQl6jUjFjp4 Apr 26, 2011 - Uploaded by TEDxTalks Luis von Ahn, the man who brought the world CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA unveiled his newest and most ...

P.S. If you haven't tried TED beware it is addictive. So many interesting talks.


"When I go there all the examples have already been translated several times. A couple of times I have seen something that cried out for a better translation so I have tried to edit them. Once in the editing format I can't find any way to leave it short of going to the Duo home button."

I'm wondering if you could elaborate on this. We think the interface should be clear but obviously there is something confusing about it. Can you send us a screenshot saying where exactly you get (or got) confused and why?


I just experienced this myself, but don't know how to get back there for a screenshot. Basically the little editing dialog that comes up has no obvious way to dismiss it (I didn't notice the Save button referred to above). I tried hittiing the Looks good button to indicate that I was happy with my own changes, but the dialog remained. Eventually I just clicked on a different sentence, which brought up its own dialog to replace the first. When finished I just navigated away from that whole page without having seen the Save button. I'm not sure if any of my edits took effect or not.


Sorry. The problem was my browser had developed a memory leak and wasn't functioning properly. Now I have it working well, Duo things are functioning as they should.

I found a translation exercise on nuclear weapons which was amazingly long and had significant portions that had not been translated. I have just racked up a hundred points.

Some people on this board dismiss points as irrelevant but I take them as a measure of how effective my study has been. If I spend four hours and only get ten points (it hasn't been that bad yet) then I assume Duo thinks I haven't made much progress. If I spend four hours and get a hundred points I take that as an indication that I have been doing effectively what Duo thinks is necessary to progress.

Anyway, thanks for the great program.


Glad you liked the program. I agree with your views on the points. Congradulations 100 points is amazing . Recently I've had snags in Immersion where everything just freezes then I can't make any progress in editing (which is the limit of my abilities) it takes a good half hour to "defrost".


Yes, I had that at the same time as my browser was acting up. Made it hard to tell where the problem lay.

As far as translation exercises go, it makes a big difference if you are familiar with the topic. Try and find some that deal with material that you have read previously.

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