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"Er is een brug over de kloof."

Translation:There is a bridge over the gorge.

November 11, 2014



What is gorge in english ?


It is nice to know others have the same problem here xD this sentence turned into learn a bit of English too


Haha this entire duo experience I have been learning english. XD


I'm happy cause I thought I'd be the only one who doesn't know the meaning of that word since I'm not a native speaker.


I like hearing "gorge." It sounds like I'm in a western and there are some villains hiding out there with some rustled cattle. Keep it in!

Can you change it to gulch and add in a reference to a six shooter? :D


I think this is a dialect thing. I just googled Cheddar Gorge, and it comes up with pictures of what I would call a canyon, in England. Or, it could be a deep cut valley, with high cliffs on each side, but wider than a canyon. It probably depends on where you are. I'd consider a gulch a smaller version, similar to a wash (in Airzona, which is a place where water runs when it rains hard enough), an arroyo (in other parts of the Southwestern US), or a gully. They all look the same from the top.


Can kloof be cleft? I'm guessing they're at least related.


Do you mean cliff? If so, I was wondering the same thing.


Being scandinavian, I could easily guess what a 'kloof' was... However, while have been english speaking in 20 years, I have no idea what a gorge is! I wrote 'Valley'.. But incorrect -.- #nochance

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I've been to the Royal Gorge bridge in Colorado many times.. quite a site... just so you can see one of our "gorges"... (open in a new tab or window so you don't lose your place here.)


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"la gorge" is a French word and means throat or canyon. Here a video about "les Gorges du Verdon". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fH6Be3DHvlg


Would staat be an alternative here, or is is the only option?


You can't use staat, but ligt would be an option ;)


since when does over actually mean over?


Does kloof literally mean "gorge", meaning a relatively narrow valley (like an arroyo, gorge, or canyon), or does it refer to any type of valley?


I didn't know what does the gorge mean! I just have learned now reading these comments! And I see I wasn't the only one! :p

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