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"The children are playing around him."

Translation:Børnene leger omkring ham.

November 11, 2014



Hmm, Im guessing 'spiller' is not accepted because 'spiller' is like.. playing a computer game or playing soccer.. and in this case saying "børnene spiller omkring ham" sounds wrong. When playing is used like "leger" it's like playing a game of tag or hide and seek. The english sentence is also a bit misunderstood because it should probably have been specified what exactly the children were playing around him to give the reader a sense of that, 'Oh, they're playing tag so it's "leger"' or 'Oh, they're playing ball so it's "spiller" If you were to have put "The children are playing soccer around him" it would be translated to "Børnene spiller fodbold omkring ham" Why, in this case they seem to have put tag or any other childrens game like that as the thing they were doing, meaning the english sentence should be specifying they were playing tag by saying "The children are playing tag around him" "Børnene leger fangeleg omkring ham" Also instead of 'omkring' it's possible to put 'rundt om' since those are synonyms


Thanks for the explanation!


Leger is ALWAYS "fun" playing. like playing around. Spiller is used specifically for a performance, like playing an instument.

Hope this helps!


Same question. Asked for a clarification through the report request. Love the course BTW! Thanks!


Why is spiller not acceptable?


You Spiller a game or an instument. You leger with toys or with friends.


Børnene spiller omkring ham-- should be correct too


If spiller is not acceptable, it shouldn't be the first clue!


Skoleløsningen er ikke godt sprog.


"Børnene leger rundt ham" I'm pretty sure, there has been a mistake


I wrote the same thing, why isn't it accepted ?


Rundt is in regards to a shape. So like a circle, you can say "Jeg går rundt i mit hus." Omkring is around a specific location. So if kids play specifically around the man, "Bornene leger OMKRING ham."

Thats my understanding at least.


Why does "børnene leger om ham" not work?


Ok Duo ... every time I get this I go for leger and check the hint and it says spiller.

Either the hint is wrong and should be corrected, or you should allow my youth band to play their instruments around their conductor.

It undermines my confidence in the skills I am acquiring in Danish.

I am sure I have reported it.

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