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  5. "I know that you know."

"I know that you know."

Translation:Eu sei que você sabe.

June 29, 2013



Ahhh....I put "Eu sabo" :-(

So "to know" (Sabir?) is an irregular verb? I must go learn it.

I am learning as much about English from this program as I am about Portuguese, it's brilliant...I haven't used the term "irregular verb" since school about 25 years ago


Hehe... it's always good to have some "souvenirs" from childhood... some verbs are irregular, other regular. Some have little irregularities just in some conjugations. "Saber" is an example of that. It's irregular on the first person


...que ele sabe que ela sabe que eles sabem que eu sei, e dai?


I wrote "Eu sei que tu sabes" and this was not accepted as a right answer. Why? Throughout the lessons I see the Voce is almost always used. Is tu not used at all? Is there a difference between Brazilian and European Portugues in its use?


I know that you know that I know that you know. . .


Would this literally be translated to "I know what you know"?


no, that would be "eu sei o que você sabe" (both know the same thing!, So, it has a different meaning).


Could you say eu sei qual você sabe for i know what you know?


Well, qual most of the time means "which". So I don't think it would be so common.


could it be translated as "eu conheço que você conheçe"?


No, but it could be "eu sei que você conhece"

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