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"Vinen har en speciel effekt babyen."

Translation:The wine has a special effect on the baby.

November 11, 2014



This is very funny and all but can a native Dane comment on whether or not we think this is referring to drinking wine during a pregnancy? It is ambiguous in English. Also, "special effect" has positive connotations in English, is that not the case for "speciel effekt"?


The sentence is ambiguous, it does not say specifically that any wine is consumed by anyone. the baby could have bathed in the wine or the wine was in a glass and the reflecting red color had a special effect on the baby. That said, it could definitely both mean that wine was drunk during pregnancy and the baby became extra active or less active, got the hiccups or something, or that the baby had been given some wine.

"Speciel effekt" in Danish is probably leaning towards positive, I wouldn't read this sentence and think something bad was happening.


A bit disturbing sentence...


Drinking wine while breastfeeding the baby might help the baby sleep

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