Lots of people on here take time to help learners by answering the silly questions we ask.

We should have a way of rewarding them.

I know there is the little up arrow "Like" button...could DUO make it that if someone gets 10 or so "Likes" on discussions that they get a "Level 1 Helper" medal?

They really are the lifeblood of DUO...some people spend a long time answering my questions and it would be great to be able to reward them.

When DUOLINGO makes it's owners really rich (!!!) They can buy holiday homes in each country and reward the top helpers with free holidays!

June 29, 2013


Well I doubt the holidays would happen, but recognition is a good idea.

Most of them now are the Moderators, the guys with the little green M next to there flags and streak. But this is a cool idea.

you may have noticed the green M next to some names those are the Masters in the language I think they are also learners only more advanced, very smart and willing to take time to explain things so clearly. and yes they do deserve the holidays. Other helpers are not so advanced but can often give just the right answer to explain something-they'll get weekends on the Danube.

We are not masters but community moderators. Moderators are learners like everyone else, it's just that the stuff chose them because they had been helpful and active.

Yes, I realized later that the M stood for moderators-but masters fits as well in my opinion. Your help is greatly appreciated and since I don't see the holiday homes on the horizon at least you can get the kudos.

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