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Script writing

Hello, could anyone help me, how to write o slash and ligature ae in script? like i write very fast in script, then comes the ligature and i ve to think very long how to actually write it :D in first grade we learnt how to write in script like which line comes first and second in letter etc..

November 11, 2014



You write an Ø as you would write o and then put the line through it as you would cross a t. I'm not sure what others do but I write ash as a back to front 6, carrying the line through into the crossbar of the e. Handwriting is a personal thing, everyone has their own style.


If you mean how to write Danish in longhand I think this is a good example

Edit: Oh man, I can't get duolingo to show the image. Here is a link: http://lh3.ggpht.com/_Lvs7OowlPW4/S9irIp1M2pI/AAAAAAAAeoo/vYgEOv4EASA/s1600-h/onsdag2%5B4%5D.jpg


This is how I write them personally

And a few random words (I found online) containing the 3 extra vowels of Danish

This being said, I was never taught how to write these, I just developed my own techniques. I included æ as "a" because that's how I start it out. But as has already been mentioned, handwriting is a personal thing, and you'll always have to pause to write new letters, but once you write them more and more it slowly gets more natural

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