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Feedback for translations votes and suggestions

When one of your translations is voted best (or at least receives ~90% positive votes), a notification email should be sent. The emails on edits to translations is very important for learning, and knowing when you did well is just as important. I believe these were once sent out but I have not received any for several months. There should also be feedback for when an unaccepted translation is NOT accepted. I believe this follows the same process whereby only accepted changes generate feedback, but unaccepted ones do not. Thanks.

June 29, 2013



Sounds like a good idea not so only for the kudos as to know something you've worked so hard on has reached fruition. I'm a translator but not of any of the languages here but as a native Eng. speaker and now Ger. student I often read over some Immersion texts and love to see them turnign into smooth flowing passages. How does one learn if an article is complete if he's not the translator or do all those who have contributed get emails.


Very good point. It seems under the current paradigm, only those who are wrong get feedback, while those who are right do not.

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