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Danish Dialects?

I was just wondering if the Danish language has any / may different dialects ?

If so, what dialect is taught on Duolingo? and what area is this dialect most common in?

Are the dialects really different and hard to understand?

Thanks in advance :)

November 11, 2014



Duolingo teaches the standard, so not a dialect :)


ooh okay thank you :)


There are VERY many! My girlfriend is Danish and lives in the capital region. Often, she says people in her area often make fun of the dialect spoken in Jutland because it's not the same as theirs at all. There is also Bornholm, that island off the coast of Sweden that belongs to Denmark. They speak what's called 'Bornholmsk' Danish and I've been told it's very silly sounding to other Danes. I have been there once and wasn't familiar enough with Danish to totally tell a difference. Yet, much like the midwestern American accent is pretty standard for Americans, the dialect spoken in Denmark's capital region is their standard.


okay then, thank you for telling me :)


One exception is that Duolingo does teach the word "træls" which is used mainly in Jutland and not in Copenhagen area.

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