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  5. "Zij willen een hond."

"Zij willen een hond."

Translation:They want a dog.

November 11, 2014



But when does zij mean she or they?


The verb will tell. ;)


What do you mean


We conjugate verbs:

  • Zij wil = she wants
  • Zij willen = they want
  • Zij loopt = she walks
  • Zij lopen = they walk


So add an "en" to the end of the verb to mean they?


Its more like remove the en and add t to make it she, because with the en is the infintive/unconjugated form of the verb.

But yes when its written with en it means they


When do you choose to use ZIJ for THEY and when ZE? Does it mean THEY are females if you say ZIJ? or is there any rule when you use ZE or ZIJ for they/or for she? (the same with we and wij).


Please read XMerrie's/Merlin's Beard's answer to Sarah.


Dan kopen ze een hond


Why hound is not correct?


Dog is hond, not hound (love)


I ment hound in english, though I see it refers a specific type of dog.


i still don't get it when in she and when is they ? it's so frustating


You find out by the conjugation of the verb. In every language the verbs are conjugated with the different pronouns.

It is particularly difficult for native english speakers because conjugation of verbs in english don't vary much.

I play You (simgular) play He/she/it plays We play You (plural) play They play

As you see, except for rare cases, conjgation in english only change in the 3rd person singular. Let's see in dutch:

Ik speel Je/jij speelt Hij/zij/het speelt Wij spelen Jullie spelen Zij (plural/they) spelen

There is more variantion, right? The conjugation for plural pronouns are similar, in written form, to the infinitive form of the verb.

So, always look at the verb! Is it conjugated zij singular (she) or for zij plural (they)?


how did u know that? :(

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