Start Over

I had to stop for several weeks and now need to start over, too much I don't remember. How do I do that?

October 6, 2012


You should be able to go back and practice any of the sections you have previously covered; that shouldn't be a problem as it's an option open for anyone; by the time I get to the end of a section (near the test) I usually feel the need to go back and brush up on some of the material at the start of the section.

If you're looking at starting from scratch with regards to your point totals and 'Translation level' I don't know if that's possible without creating a new account, but as you should be able to practice things you've already learnt on the Skill Tree area of your 'home' page I don't know why you would like to do this really...

Hi, CheryLynn. I cannot say for sure, but it may be that you would need to make a new account, if Duolingo does not let you declare "intellectual bankruptcy". Another thought is that you could try some other language teaching websites- some have been mentioned in the Questions stream- and bring yourself up to speed. Just an idea, maybe not the best one.

You might try going to your Vocabulary and do practices there on the earlier words you learned.

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