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  5. "Har du et job?"

"Har du et job?"

Translation:Do you have a job?

November 11, 2014



Job is a slightly strange word to use; while perfectly acceptable, the usual word is "arbejde" (lit: "work").


Have you a job? should also be correct


I agree, it is grammatically correct, but it's an old fashioned phrasing. You might expect someone in a 1940s film to ask "Have you x?" (and maybe just in British English?), but it would sound odd to the man on the street now.

I, personally, think it should be accepted as it helps me remember the Danish phrasing (similarly, I also use the translation "she has a black dress on" instead of "she's wearing a black dress" as it helps me remember the word order when translating the other way!).


That doesn't sound grammatically correct

[deactivated user]

    No, I don't... I wish duo stopped asking me tough questions.


    So we pronounce the j in this word? Are there many other words with an English style j?


    J should be pronounced most of the time, but here the pronunciation is the same as the English, as opposed to an English "Y" sound. I can't think of any off the top of my head, but they would all be English loanwords if there are others


    In Norwegian, I am aware you could leave out the article and say "Har du jobb?", would that also be an option in Danish?


    Nej desværre.


    Is "unenployed" a job?


    Why is "do you have work" not sccepted?

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