"Minha meia"

Translation:My sock

June 29, 2013

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Meia é uma peça de vestuário usada nos pés. "socks". No entanto "meia" pode ser entendido como a metade de algo. Meia pizza = Metade de uma pizza. - Meia maçã = metade de uma maçã. - Meia dúzia = Metade de 12. - Meia entrada = É um desconto de 50% dado a idosos e estudantes nas entradas de teatros, cinemas, apresentações e outras atrações aqui no Brasil (este desconto é garantido por lei). Qual quer dúvida estou aqui para ajudar. Podem perguntar qualquer coisa.


Socks and stocking are the same?


Socks : meias (shorts) Stocking : meias compridas (long)


What on earth is a stocking? Is it the same thing as tights? Is it like long (knee-length) socks, like children wear? Is it like what people wear with garter belts? I need some cultural context here, but I'm not sure if it's Portuguese, Brazilian or American culture I'm missing :p


Well, not knowing where you are from... but if from an English speaking country you might know stockings better by the name of nylons but before they were made of nylon, they were made of silk. The full name is nylon stocking but like Jello, Bandaid, Xerox, and many others, the common usage dropped the stocking part for the most part. Another word for stocking can be hose from which we get pantyhose (which are not quite stockings because of the panty part, as stockings -- or a stocking -- are separate and often held up by a garter and belt, or elastic cuff).


However, stockings are also what are hung by the chimney with care on Christmas eve for filling by Santa (from which we get the phrase stocking stuffer).


This is a fantastic answer, thank you so much!! :)


Meia= stocking meia(o)= half


How can the same word in Portuguese mean both socks and six? And then it doesn't accept six. ???

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Every time my tree bears fruits, the bears bear down on them so I'm always bearing my weapon to scare them away. How can the same word mean so many things you say? And then there's this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_buffalo_Buffalo_buffalo_buffalo_buffalo_Buffalo_buffalo

Meia is only used as six when spelling out numbers. Otherwise we just say seis.


I was about to bring the seal seals the seal.

Or I saw a saw.


Don't forget

He leaves som leaves

You drop a drop

The drip will drip

The board can't board

The log wouldn't log in

The tie would tie a bow around itself.

I get sick when I get there

A bow tie isn't the same as a bow and arrows

You don't set the table while you set a record

You don't listen to records while you write records

You don't row a boat when you're going to your row

You don't lie to me when you lie down

You don't fall when you are in fall trying not to take fall damage

You can't duck when you see a duck

You can't lock your lock

You don't lead a soft dog lead

You don't sink your sink.

And many others.


That that is is that that is not is not is that it it is.


I did a wonderful wikitrip here thanks to your link. Thanks.


A dozen is a common unit for counting things like eggs for example. "Uma dúzia".

Half a dozen (meia dúzia), is six.


Meia = sock, six, half. "My six" sounds too weird!!


Seis=six .... But I think meia also means half.


It is also half a dozen, which is six, but seis is used way more often for six.


Half of twelve? Is " meia dúzia ", half of 12 is 6. Not is socks.


I thought minha was mine Meu was my ???


you use minha when it's a female word, and meu when it's a male word: minha casa, meu sapato.


Why does Duolingo say that my sock is wrong for Minha meia ?


Some helpful stuff here - in the comment section. But i'm still having a hard time finding a solid answer... so.. to my understanding.. Meia(o)= Socks, stockings.... Meia(o) then also means: half, Six.... Is this correct?


"Meia" is for plural too? In spanish we say "media" (or "calcetín") if it's singular and "medias" ("calcetines") if plural. Does "meias" exist in portuguese?


Reading comments is gold. Now i finally understand that "quatro meia" means 4.30.

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