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What to do now?-Finishing Dutch Course

I am very nearly near the end of the dutch course and I have got to the stage where I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions of more advanced courses I could move onto or ideas about ways of improving listening comprehension?

Bedankt voor lezen,


November 11, 2014



Maybe you could try the reverse course (English for Dutch speakers) as a complementary resource. Moving to grammars and exercise books are also a good idea.

If you want to improve your listening comprehension, there would be no better way than often trying to watch movies or TV shows (or even Dutch radios).

As a learner in the same situation as you, I wish you good luck, I mean, veel succes!


You could take a look at http://uk.babbel.com/ It's free to try a part of their exercises, but beyond that it requires a paid subscription unfortunately. I do think the exercises are good though.

If you feel confident enough, then it will be very useful to try some language exchange, for example via mylanguageexchange.com or http://lang-8.com/

A fun way to improve listening comprehension is via http://lyricstraining.com/ . You can listen to Dutch songs while reading the lyrics, but some words are missing. The more you manage to write down correctly, the more points you get:)

Veel succes ermee!


http://oefenen.nl is a Dutch site with a lot of learning material and practice for people learning Dutch as a second language.


Have you tried Rosetta Stone or learndutch.org? (:


Not yet, I'll take a look.


ok. i think you do have to pay, but it is very helpful. I use that as well. (:


www.nu.nl en www.telegraaf.nl www.nos.nl zijn nieuws websites die handig kunnen zijn voor leesvaardigheid. Soms zijn er ook filmpjes maar die kunnen mogelijk niet buiten Nederland worden afgespeeld.

http://tunein.com/ hier kan je luisteren naar Nederlandse radio.

(I just wrote that in dutch to give you a little test :) )


Hmm. One thing I like to do, even though I'm still toward the beginning of the course, is to read things I'm familiar with that are translated in Dutch. (Harry Potter, for example.) Also works well if you're reading on a computer, because you can look up unfamiliar vocabulary without breaking stride too much. (This won't do much for listening comprehension, but should give a good feel for grammar and build vocabulary.)

You can find music you like in the language. (Especially if you're the sing-along type. The way I am, speaking in a language I'm unfamiliar with is a little embarrassing, so singing is easier / gets one used to making different kinds of sounds.) Or finding a television show / film in the language (especially something that you're already familiar with, but in the language.) Or vlogs, or podcasts. Or to go with the above, getting an audiobook in Dutch would be helpful, especially if you have the text at hand to read along with. Basically, consume a lot of media.

Other than that, having Dutch friends is a great help. :)

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