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Sound NOT working many of the Portuguese lessons!

Duolingo, is the sound not working properly or is there something going on with my computer? I have submitted a huge amount of complaints but so far I haven't heard anything. Thanks for any help!

June 29, 2013



I encountered the same problem for the first time about an hour ago.


Okay, this is something that has been recurring for a while now for me. I see a simple translation exercise in Portuguese, and it is supposed to read it out loud in Port, but I don't hear anything.


Did it work before? Have you tried restarting your browser or using a different one?


Yes, it worked before without any issues! I am going to download Chrome now and try it on that. I'm using Safari on my Mac.


Ok, the sound issue seems to be a Safari problem. On Chrome I have not run across any audio issues yet.


I'm using Safari and I have the problem too (for French) that the sound doesn't work most of the time. Usually the slow version works but the normal speed one hardly every works :( It would be nice if they fixed it

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